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A layout which includes distinctive textures and colors, exhibited on the tv screen to help viewers to regulate components correctly (see this example).

Introductory words additional in capital letters by a rubrisher in purple or blue ink in a space still left blank at the beginning of the medieval manuscript or one among its chapters when the text was hand-copied, generally filling several lines (click here to discover an illustration, courtesy on the British Library, Arundel one hundred fifty five). Gold leaf or powdered gold was made use of in additional vital functions.

A Instrument in the shape of a sample or overlay, used in graphics as a guidebook within the duplication of letters, styles, or models. Compare with stencil.

can be a multi-episode application of confined period, aired day by day or weekly, typically with a complete managing time of lower than fifteen hrs (

A map demonstrating the boundaries on the difficult plates comprising the outer shell (lithosphere) of all or possibly a percentage of the earth and, in some cases, volcanic exercise, Specially alongside the edges in the plates. Click here to view an illustration for Texas (Perry-Castañeda Library) and here to find out a map of the foremost tectonic plates of the whole world, courtesy with the U.

A nontheatrical nonfiction Movie employed by field, government, trade teams, or the army to teach skills required within the general performance of specific responsibilities or jobs.

In library cataloging, the region of bibliographic description wherein the title right of a piece and information about authorship (assertion of accountability) are recorded (field 245 of the MARC file).

A French phrase that means "deceives the eye." In illuminated manuscripts, painting that creates the illusion of 3-dimensional truth, occasionally with startling influence. By managing light-weight and shadow, the illuminator represents objects like resting on or projecting with the painted surface area.

A slang term for pornographic comic publications posted anonymously and distributed "beneath the counter" in America with the twenties for the early sixties. Also known as 8-pagers

A cellular Laptop or computer in the shape of a thin flat panel, more substantial than the usual cellphone or PDA, which has a touchscreen or pen-enabled interface (

Advertising and marketing duplicate equipped from the promoting department of a publishing organization, ordinarily printed over the dust jacket of a new book to entice the reader to open up the quilt and sample the textual content.

A poster designed to market a certain travel prospect (see this instance) or to market tourism on the whole (illustration), commonly bearing Find Out More a graphic graphic in the proposed destination. To view other examples, consider a lookup about the term in

A row of tabs within a graphical consumer interface, ordinarily Positioned across the base with the screen, with text labels indicating the apps and data files at present open up. In multitasking, a tab might be clicked by the user to deliver the corresponding window to your foreground or to restore it to its first size following it's been minimized.

A number of frames, ordinarily identified originally of a piece manufactured on film (Movie, filmstrip, etc.), made up of pinpointing textual information and facts distinct from the subject content material, applied as being the Main supply of knowledge in developing the bibliographic file that describes the item while in the library catalog (see this instance). Examine with title screen.

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